The 10th GameIS


The Israeli Game Developer Day will be held for the 10’th time in this upcoming July, focused on game development and sponsored by leading companies from the Israeli and international market.

In this event, GameIS will host over 800 participants at Wohl Center, Bar-Ilan (Next to Tel Aviv). Local companies and independent developers will convene, to take part in workshops, view and attend talks from international guests and display their latest game projects.


? רוצים לבדוק אם נרשמתם לעמותה או חידשתם דמי חבר ב2017-? רוצים הסברים נוספים
?רוצים להירשם כחברי עמותה או לחדש חברות ובכך גם לחסוך בכרטיס לכנס

International Speakers and Guests of Honor – Top developers from around the world will honor the event by giving talks and maintaining workshops.
Some of the best of our local industry talents and academy members will give lectures about: technology, tools, development trends (AR/VR etc.) and platform oriented talks (Unity, Unreal etc…)

Badge PickUp Party & Robot Gentleman Panel

Don’t want to stand in line on the morning of the conference? Want to learn more from the Robot Gentleman Team? Come to this special Badge Pick Up Party where you can pick up your badge for the next day and listen to some great content!
The Robot Gentleman Crew (Game Studio and Investors) will be there to talk about New games and new investments while Arnold Nesis will be incharge on the Questions.

There will be special surprizes too, Poland Style!
How to get in? GameIS 2017 Ticket will do the Job!

Thanks: The Poland Embassy, Tel Aviv & Rotem Levim.
Producer: Lotem Ribitzky

GameIS 2017 Official Party

Producer: Dori Adar

Israeli Digital Games Exhibition

Israeli Digital Game-Art Exhibition

15:00 - 16:00
Google 360 Workshops

Two Dedicated Workshops will be held during the Conference.

15:00 Daniel Levit, Cloud Platform, Business Manager, Google.
Google for developers: Firebase Analytics and Cloud
Hear about Google Cloud Platform different capabilities relevant for gaming developing, and learn about Firebase Analytics,  our measurement tool for apps.

15:30 Uri Tamir, Analytical Consultant, Gaming sector, Google
Quality user acquisition @scale: Universal App Campaigns
Hear about Google’s new app promotion format, that leverages your data, Google’s data and Google’s machine learning technologies. The format enable you to promote your app in Google’s different networks and find the most valuable users, in a seamless manner from one unified platform.

* Google’s workshops require pre-registration.

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SUPERHOT for VR: making it so it doesn’t suck

Piotr Iwanicki, Superhot

Superhot is an independent first-person shooter video game developed and published by Superhot Team.

The game originated as an entry in the 2013 7 Day FPS Challenge, using Kickstarter to secure funding to complete the title. Superhot was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X,  Linux & Xbox One. A VR version Superhot VR was released for the Oculus Rift and for the HTC Vive. [Wikipedia]


East meets West, how to Succeed in Asia

Aras Senyuz, Netmarble

Aras Senyuz will talk about how to be successful in West with good localization and what Western gaming companies can do to become successful in Asia with case studies from Netmarble titles (Marvel Future Fight, Star Wars Force Arena, Disney Magical Dice, 7 Knights and more)



Change the world, small game at a time

Dori Adar, Founder, Hands On Games


Last year I’ve produced 2 satirical games that went viral. The first game was my answer to racist voices coming from the Israeli government. The second was born out of Trump’s immigration ban. Both games were made in under three weeks’ time. They were shared thousands of times, and most importantly, they left players angry, sad, moved. Everything but indifferent. In this talk I share insights, data, reactions and reasons for making these types of games and encourage my audience to find their own voice, making small games that matters.



How to thrive making games for niche, abandoned and undervalued platforms.

Robert Podgorski, Founder, BlackMoon


Everybody wants to be on the top of AppStore, Steam or Google Play. This means those marketplaces are overcrowded and competition there is deadly. We figured out a different strategy and deal with other distribution channels and platforms. During the talk I want to show some cases of such platforms and tell a bit of how they work. That would be for example a game portal in Pakistan, a inflight entertainment system from Ireland, app for kids from Israel, hardware manufacturer from India and several others (like old forgotten stores like Blackberry or Mozilla).



The Commercial Potential of Real World AR Gaming is Unlimited

Johnny Monsarrat, CEO & Founder, Monsarrat inc / Turbine


Companies spend $200B US per year worldwide for online advertisements, because with online ads you can verify the clicks and see what is working. How much would they spend to verify that you visited their retail store? Loyalty card programs earn billions but they don’t have the gamification power of Pokémon Go, which has already made deals with Starbucks, Sprint, and McDonald’s. And that’s just the first step in what will become a giant industry in the next decade.

Johnny Monsarrat is well qualified to look into the future. He founded Turbine, the first MMO gaming company, in 1994, years before most Internet companies of the DotCom era. Turbine won two “Oscars” of the videogame industry and was bought by Warner Brothers.

With “Big Movement Gaming”, the next generation of AR game, you can incentivize volunteers to build housing for the homeless. Get city kids to stay off the streets and away from gangs. Build stories that get players exploring their city, for profit, for social good, and for community fun. For the first time the power of gamification can be verifiably tied to real world behavior in a way that can be massively scaled up because it is computer administrated.



Designing characters to different types of games.

Konrad Czernik, Lead Concept Artist, Techland


I will talk about the complete process of creating characters for different game types from the idea phase for a game throughout the brief and two approaches; visual and narrative


An Eye for AI

Yoeri Staal, Founder, Staal Media


And suddenly you face off with Darth Vader. He reaches for his lightsaber. A randomly chosen number will decide your faith. In this talk Yoeri will explain the connection between personality and vectors, between famous movie characters and how to program their behavior using either simple or complicated AI.





Debugging improvements in Unity 5.6 and 2017.1

Valentin Simonov, Field Engineer, Unity Technologies


Unity provides developers with powerful debugging and profiling tools which evolve and get more features every major release. Unfortunately these features usually are not shiny enough to go into headlines in Release Notes. In this talk Valentin will show features added in Unity 5.6 and the upcoming Unity 2017.1.



F2P Games – The Quick, The Lean and the Dirty

Guy Zaidenband, Ilyon
– What is obvious but is missed constantly, what needs to be done in alpha / beta which is usually delayed.
– What you can do now “lean” and “quick” without sinking your budget while still in early development.
– What will save you time, and what will smash your KPIs goals.

Rapid prototyping with Blueprints in Unreal engine 4.

Amir Green, New Time Zone

We will discuss the importance of rapid prototyping in a studio pipeline.
From executing idea’s while writing the GDD, Through any review gate in the process.
We will also talk about the benefits of visual scripting (focusing on blueprints) and the
power it gives to rapid prototyping. There will be a demonstration of the process, using Unreal Engine and Blueprints.

To be Continued

More content will be added soon.

How to form remote dream-teams? Creative Director’s Shnekel

Rotem Nahlieli, Creative Director, Independent

Art Director and Design manager, working internationally across AAA, online and mobile games for the last 15 years, will give a glimpse (and hopefully some practical advice) into the world of the remote creative teams, while showcasing some of his recent projects.

Game components best practices

Amir Dori,  Senior Game Designer, Matific

What are the best guidelines for store popups, rate us dialogs, sliders, guiding hands, maps, characters, notifications, UI positions, ad layouts, rewarded videos, coloring pages, props and more. The focus is on designing for kids, but not just for them.





Making a multiplayer game and keeping (most of) your hair

Opher Vishnia, Creative Developer, Eko


Making games is hard. Making multiplayer games is crazy hard. So how do you make all your players feel like they’re playing the same game, at the same time, with each other (even though they actually don’t)? I will present the challenges of low-latency games on the web from my experience developing the open-source game server I’ll talk about how to write efficient net code, optimize the data that goes over the wire and demystify scary terms like “client side prediction” and “entity interpolation/extrapolation”. By the end of the talk you’ll have a working multiplayer game that we can all play together live!


Make it Juicy – Why Game Polish is Important

Yotam Frid & Itamar Ernst, Developers, Lonebot


A talk about how to add “juice” to your game without changing its’ core and mechanics, and about why it’s important both for you and your players. The talk is presented by two speakers (Yotam Frid & Itamar Ernst) with a live demo (includes sound).

Creating the right environment for eSports in your game.

  Asaf Livne, Developer Success Manager, Overwolf


No one can just create “an eSports game”. It’s your community decision, but you have to support your community with the right tools, in the right timing, for the best potential growth of your game in the eSports scene.


Hopeless 3: How its really done

Niv Touboul, Head of Games, Upopa Studio


In the past 3 years, over 17M people played our Hopeless game series. Learn the secret of how we made a fully original game in less than 6 months with a small team of only 5. In this talk, we’ll reveal how we produced the third Hopeless game, including our creative process, planning ahead, and the sprints and tools that made our lives easier.


The Re-Birth of Cloud Gaming

Gil Tov-Ly, CEO & Co-Founder, Simplay


Cloud Gaming was supposed to deliver great value for gamers – the performance of a gaming PC on any device. 10 Years have passed, and while some successes were sighted (Gaikai being bought by Sony being the most notable one), the great promise was never delivered to the mass market of PC gamers. Well, this field is now seeing a “rebirth” with new players trying once again to reach mass market adoption. These new players are no longer using the term “Cloud Gaming” and no longer promote “Netflix Like” packages of subscription content (games). Rather, they sell the infrastructure alone – a virtual gaming PC on the cloud. Can these new players finally deliver the great potential cloud gaming promised?


Market Mutants & Behavioral Freaks

Iddo Sternberg, Co-founder, Jellop


The economics and psychology of the booming crowdfunding economy: players, motivations, behaviors and winning the game



Piotr Iwanicki

Game Designer & Studio Lead, Superhot

Valentin Simonov

Field Engineer, Unity Technologies

Daniel Vavra

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Warhorse Studio

Jeff Burton

CEO, Woodside Creek, LLC (Former EA Founders Team, Atari)

Johnny Monsarrat

CEO & Founder, Monsarrat inc / Turbine

Konrad Czernik

Lead Concept Artist, Techland

Robert Podgorski

Founder, BlackMoon

Sami Vanhatalo

Chairman, Combo Breaker

Yoeri Staal

Founder, Staal Media

Aras Senyuz

Marketing & Mobile Division Director , Netmarble EMEA

Guy Zaidenband

Product Manager,
Ilyon Dynamics

Amir Green

3D lead and director of R&D, New Time Zone

Rotem Nahlieli

Creative Director, Independent

Doron Nir

CEO and Co-Founder, StreamElements

Mark Shovman

AR UX Researcher, Eyeway Vision Ltd

Opher Vishnia

Lead Creative Developer, Eko



Gil Tov-Ly

CEO & Co-Founder, Simplay

Asaf Livne

Developer Success Manager, Overwolf

Yotam Frid

Developer, Lonebot



Amir Dori

Senior Game Designer, Matific

Niv Touboul

Head of Games, Upopa Studio

Dori Adar

Founder, Hands On Games

Iddo Sternberg

Co-founder, Jellop

Aviv Kantor

Exhibitions Director



Lili Ryu

Art Exhibition Curator

Amit Svarzenberg

Game Exhibition Curator

Shira Kazula Noy

Graphic Designer

Nir Miretzky

Event’s Executive Producer

Rotem Levim

Event’s Producer

Reut Kersz

Graphic Designer

Asia Sapir

Event’s Creative Director

Tsahi Liberman

Event’s Chief Content Curator